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100% organic
Scratch Made 
Highest quality ingredients

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100 N Meadowlark ST, Lakeway TX 78734

We are not accepting orders at this time.  Follow us on Instagram for updates and thank you for your support!

Our Story

Kalie and Nate have always been passionate about good food, but their journey of eating clean and organic started after Nate had a severe health scare.  A friend began to educate them on the benefits of organic food.  They threw away ALL the food in their kitchen, went to the store and replaced everything with certified organic food, and never looked back. 

Kalie has been using her baking gift for years to bless others.  She has been hired to bake for weddings, parties, private events and is always the one to bring the dessert or bread to dinner.  People have been begging her to sell her stuff for years...which is where True Vine Bake Shop was born.

Our mission is to provide great tasting products, using only high quality, certified organic ingredients. We aim to develop a faithful and growing customer base by continually delivering on our promises.  We will stick to what we know, while continuing to find new (and seasonal) offerings.

What we offer

We have a rotating menu of seasonal products, but we also have our bread and butter (pun intended) items year round.  All of our bread is long-fermented sourdough...meaning it actually has health benefits. It's the kind of bread that your body recognizes as food and knows what to do with instead of turning it into sugar and storing it as fat.  Each loaf undergoes a 3 day long process before it's ready to eat, and we only bake in small batches!  

All of our products are handmade from scratch using only high quality, 100% certified organic ingredients.  


We are a cottage food business in Austin, TX...meaning we meet the requirements under S.B. 572 to use our home kitchen to bake all of our products!  Because of this, we can't ship our products (it's the rules), but we do offer different pick up times each week and we will be at a couple farmer's markets very soon.


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